*Colon Hydrotherapy
*Massage Therapy (Swedish,Deep Tissue & NMT)

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The V-Steam for Woman.This is a half-hour Vijajay-Steam, It is an open-seated stool wearing a tent of a dress that traps the herb-infused steam boiling up from a medicinal blend beneath the client . This is an ancient healing tradition used  to bring balance to the womb, cleanse, tone , and nourish the cervix,  uterus, and vaginal tissues , also it is a soothing detox for the female anatomy. You could say this is a facial for the vijajay! 

The A-Steam for men soothes hemorrhoids and assists anal cleansing. The vapors are beneficial, not invasive – it allows maximum absorption to mucus membranes in the perineal area and the skin as the whole body is surrounded by the vapors. The herbs have localized effect in the perineal area and are also absorbed into the body tissue and blood stream increasing energy and enhancing general health.

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